In 2011, I wove a poncho from personal, cut-up textiles and sent it on an ongoing journey around the world to artist friends such as Mark Borthwick, Rirkrit Tiravanija or The Wooster Group. The documentation of their interaction with the poncho along with the accompanying conversations is collected in the form of a travel journal, and is to be published as a book.

The Wooster Group—December 17 to 21, 2011


My interest in this durational project is the tactile communication which occurs here by sharing the same small space over a long distance.

The poncho has its own traveling speed and is always delivered in person by traveling friends, creating contact as they meet.

“[…] However, I believe that your kind of weaving has the potential to solidify living beauty. I’ve seen it. The way that you are weaving people together with this woven thing reminds me that I am not a person who is understanding or not understanding, creating or destroying; I am a portion of a web - preserved, resultant, complicit, integral, partial. All that we have, all that we are is connection. This poncho is remembering that. Claudia! The nations of the world are steeling themselves against truth and all the money is riding through the eye of a needle. We need your kind of weaving. I wish you protection for your spark and solidity for your beauty. […]“