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I was inspired by the Japanese way of mending a broken bowl with glue that contains gold powder in order to highlight the lines of the break and making the mended object more precious and personal than the original.

This approach is in line with Wabi Sabi, my favorite philosophy: the beauty of things imperfect. All of the techniques used in this collection have surface treatments that start with a cut and have a specific way of being mended:

“Your fragility is your strength” (Pina)

Paris 1

1 2 3

Paris 2

Blue Moons Morning Sky Stranger Stranger Stranger
Protection Night Sky Night Sky Solar Dress Feathers
Trench Crystal Devil Crystal Angel Walking Prince Walking Prince


Curious Magic Harness Harness

Berlin Salon

Star Angel 2 Three Solar Dresses
4 5 6


01 02 03
04 05 06

Look Book

Star Angel Crystal Angel Crystal Devil Dark Wolf Eskimo & Darkness Black Deer, Darkness & Brown Black Deer, Walking & Brown Sweet Secret & Sash Unknown Lady (Charcoal) & Walking Prince Waves (Leather) & Triangular Angel (Grey & Gold) Crescent Moon (Dark Gold) & Stranger (Wool) Crescent Moon (Dark Gold) & Metal Antelope Feathers & Unknown Lady (Metallic Grey)
Feathers & Bell Sound (Grey) Tight Rope Walk (Black & Grey) & Morning Sky Delicate Touch (Black) Delicate Touch (Light Blue) Delicate Touch (Light Blue) & Steady Prince (Cotton) Solar Dress (Yellow) Solar Dress (Aqua) Solar Dress Short Secret & Protection Protection & Trench Bell Sound (Brown & Navy) & Seven Seals Moonlight Light Dark
Dark Secret Curious Magic Tight Rope Walk (Bronze & Blue) & Light Cloud Tight Rope Walk (Bronze & Blue) & Stranger (Denim) Harness & Water Coloured Keylock Shirt & Moon Sliver Moon Sliver & Steady Prince Tight Rope Walk (Bronze & Blue) & Night Sky (Wool) Tight Rope Walk (Black & Grey) & Night Sky Sun Glow Dark Cloud Walking & Floating Leaves Walking & Triangular Angel (Black Knit)


Pattern Maker, Design Assistant: Dorthe Slej Pedersen
Aycha Araya
Belts: Claudia Hoess
Jewelry: Susanne Schmitt
Graphic Design: Natsuko Mizushima van der Ree
Caillou: Sakura Fischer
Information Technology: Angie Chan
Textile Design Intern: Marie van Landegen
Tiffany Vidinopoulos
Intern: Shir Levanon
Dyer: Ingrid Göttlicher

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